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Galata, vista da Eminonu

This blog was created on February 2010, initially just for fun, and we never thought that in such a short time would become one of the main references for Italians who want to visit Istanbul.

We have poured all of our passion and efforts into this site, but it is thanks to you, our readers, and to your liking, that Scoprire Istanbul has become so important.

In the last years, we have received more than 3.000 comments and 10.000 e-mails. We apologize if sometimes we can not respond to everyone, but given these figures we hope you will understand it is not intention nor neglect.

Since we had the first tour in the districts of Fener and Balat, we have been besieged by requests and we began to carry out this activity with increasing awareness and undiminished enthusiasm.

We accompanied thousands of Italian tourists in this wonderful city, and the unanimous appreciation you have shown us gave us a big push to transform our passion into a real enterprise. And we made our goal in summer 2011: to get organized in an official manner and open our own travel agency.

The philosophy expressed by our manifesto will not change one iota. Becoming an official agency will permit us to act in accordance with the regulations involved with the multitude of transactions. We will also be able to offer many more services and opportunities than we have in been able to offer in the past. Our intention is to create an agency outside the classic stereotypes. We will aim to offer alternative routes and services. We have many new ideas and we plan to implement them very soon.

In 2014 we translated the blog in English and we started also to provide guided tours in English language, you can read hundreds of feedback on our italian version of the blog and on tripadvisor.

We met so many special people during the past years. We also learned a lot from you, because a true leader must not only know how to speak, but also know how to listen. We have created a genuine friendship with many of you, and we are confident that we will meet again.

To thank you, we would like to give you a gift. We leave you with a gallery of photos taken by some of you during our tours. To tell you the truth, of the many promises, only a few actually remembered to send their pictures, but if any of you happen to see this, it is never too late to add more!

Greetings to all and stay tuned.

Zeyrek, Michele-Panorama da Zeyrek, Michele-Fener, Michele-Fener Lisesi, Michele-Case di Fener, Michele-

Panorama da Balat, Michele-Moschea di Rustempasa, Nicola-Fatih, Nicola-Fener, Nicola-Patriarcato di Costantinopoli, Nicola-

Fatih, Annalisa-Fatih 2, Annalisa-Balat, Annalisa-Balat 2, Annalisa-Fener Lisesi, Nicoletta-

Fener, Nicoletta-Fener 2, Nicoletta-Fatih, Francesco-Fener, Francesco-Fener 2, Francesco-

Fener 3, Francesco-Balat, Francesco-Fatih, Ignazio-Fatih 2,Ignazio-Balat, Ignazio-

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