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Discover Istanbul

In fact, the concept of “beauty” is a fairly simple concept. Anything that produces a pleasant feeling at the sight can be called beautiful. The problem becomes more complex when we want to find out the factors that produce these pleasurable sensations.

When we turn our faces to the beauty of people, animals, objects or places, it refers to the word “harmony” almost always. The beauty of a city, then, lies in the harmony of its shape, the perfect balance between architecture and landscape that it contains, and in marriage between man’s ingenuity and charm of nature.

Istanbul is a beautiful city. It’s very easy to realize, just a picture like this. And it is precisely the reason that 4 million tourists visit here every year.

But how many of these tourists go further than a cursory glance?

The beauty that manifests itself to one’s eyes stuns beholders in a manner so simply, but yet is the result of complicated alchemy, an ancient culture, a complex and contrasted history.

One cannot understand the true beauty of Istanbul if it is only taken in through the eyes…one must have the courage to discover it, to remove the cover and look at what is inside.

ScoprireIstanbul is born today for this reason. We are in Istanbul and we want to take you, too.

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